About Us

About Us

As an education centre, we aim to not only teach children but to inspire their minds, nurture them physically, emotionally and mentally and promote independent learning and growth. The safe, welcoming environment provided by WEC allows students to gain confidence in their skills and feel comfortable expressing themselves. Good communication between staff and students is of utmost importance and through creating and encouraging this we have become like family, made up of people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Such diversity allows for an understanding of the international community and the acceptance of different beliefs and thoughts. We recognize each child as an individual and treat them as such. By focusing on a child’s skills and celebrating their achievements in all aspects of their education and lives, we hope to facilitate their development into becoming intelligent, conscientious and creative individuals.


To empower each individual with a good education, which is the key to success.


To develop a community to be independent, sensitive and tolerant to the needs of a diverse global society.

Our educators are caring

We recruit and employ highly talented teachers who are passionate about creating dynamic, engaging learning environments. This ensures every student receives a personalised education that helps them grow and thrive. For us, high-quality education encompasses more than just academics. That’s why our teachers are equally devoted to ensuring students excel academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Our curriculum and facilities are world-class

We provide an outstanding education that’s based on the National Curriculum of Sri Lanka and England. Our syllabus is enhanced with a wide range of activities, as it provides a stimulating learning and social environment. From our diverse courses offering with our innovative and engaging teaching styles, we ensure true lifelong learning.